Activities of the company MSORT

The main activity of the company MSORT is the sale of sorting lines for fruit and vegetables.

In our offer you will also find professional machines for orchard. We are a general distributor in Poland of the companies PWH INDUMA LANDMASCHINETECHNIK Germany and BVBA Belgium.
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Landmaschinentechnik - Double-sided herbicide boom

Double-sided herbicide boom

Characteristic of the herbicide boom

  • hydraulic spreading and separation
  • pushing down of weeds with a special construction
  • the central media can be used to the branch rakes
  • protection against damage in case of impact with obstacles
  • a separator of the working fluid with a manometer
  • assembly to front panel of the tractor
  • external hydraulics needs of the tractor - 4 pairs of double-acting outlets
  • hydraulic separator and galvanized version for choice

Double-sided herbicide boom - Msort

Movies about the herbicide boom

Spraying sections of the herbicide boom

  • on each side there are two separate sections of the plainstream nozzles
  • 1 Section - 3 plainstream nozzles, extreme asymmetric with positioning control
  • 2 Section - 1 plainstream end position nozzle, high performance with positioning control

Dimensions of the herbicide boom

  • assembled position - 2350mm
  • from external edges of the case after the separation - 3350mm