Activities of the company MSORT

The main activity of the company MSORT is the sale of sorting lines for fruit and vegetables.

In our offer you will also find professional machines for orchard. We are a general distributor in Poland of the companies PWH INDUMA LANDMASCHINETECHNIK Germany and BVBA Belgium.
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Unitec - Bin filter GIOTTO

Bin filter GIOTTO

GIOTTO© is the new UNITEC’s range of bin fillers specifically designed for the bins’ filling in a gentle and optimal way. The GIOTTO © range includes different models in terms of power and dimension and they allow to satisfy all different requirements of the fruit packing house.

  • GENTLENESS: ensured by a filling system containing a turning stuffed disk with distribution flaps and an adjustable low sensor, tested throughout our many years of experience in the field.

  • VERSATILITY: wide range of processable products: peaches, nectarines, kiwi fruits, apples, citrus fruits, tomatoes and other sub-spherical products. Different application options in the coupling with conveyor belts from sorting machines, sorting tables, packaging tables or other machines.

  • COST EFFECTIVENESS: low maintenance costs thanks to the simplicity and functionality of the new mechanical design.

  • MODELS: GIOTTO© TF (fixed single head); GIOTTO© TT (translating single head); GIOTTO© TD (double head); GIOTTO© TB (Single head automatic dry bins filler in battery).

Bin filter GIOTTO - Msort
Bin filter GIOTTO
Bin filter GIOTTO - Msort