Activities of the company MSORT

The main activity of the company MSORT is the sale of sorting lines for fruit and vegetables.

In our offer you will also find professional machines for orchard. We are a general distributor in Poland of the companies PWH INDUMA LANDMASCHINETECHNIK Germany and BVBA Belgium.
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Unitec - UNI_IMM 900©

UNI_IMM 900©


UNI_IMM 900© is the innovative automated system of bins emptying in water for floating fruits (such as. apples) and not (such as. pears) with stacking and de-stacking function.

TECHNOLOGY: UNI_IMM 900© is extremely compact and needs a much smaller space than the traditional dumpers. The dumper consist of a sturdy rail-mounted tower with clamp that, according to the needs and the processed, can also tip over the product and turn the bins. In addition, the system can perfectly stack and de-stack up to 3 bins. UNI_IMM 900© is an easy and highly flexible system to control and set.

GENTLENESS: complete protection of the product integrity.

PROFITABILITY: lower operating costs, more process efficiency and greater volume and the worked product.

UNI_IMM 900 - Msort