Activities of the company MSORT

The main activity of the company MSORT is the sale of sorting lines for fruit and vegetables.

In our offer you will also find professional machines for orchard. We are a general distributor in Poland of the companies PWH INDUMA LANDMASCHINETECHNIK Germany and BVBA Belgium.
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Unitec - UNI_ONE sorter

UNI_ONE sorter

UNI_ONE© is a one-line electronic sorter especially designed for companies of the fruit and vegetable sector that produce low volumes.

  • TECHNOLOGY: Cup transport system with weight selection. Working programs and exits set up is done by a user-friendly microcomputer (MIC).
  • GENTLENESS: Smooth, gradual and without any jumps downloading system, which guarantees a soft processing of products. Fruits are unloaded directly on the packing bench in tilting tanks, which can regulated their inclination.
  • VERSATILITY: UNI_ONE© is able to sort a wide range of sub-spherical fruits such as apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines, kiwis, apples, tomatoes, kakis, round-shaped pears, etc.
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS: Simple and functional mechanical design allows extremely low maintenance costs.

UNI_ONE sorter - Msort
UNI_ONE sorter - Msort

Technical features of UNI_ONE

  • Weight classes: up to 12
  • Selection of weight: by means of a new weighing system.
  • Accuracy: ± 1 g
  • Capacity: up to 25.200 sectors/hour.
  • Number of Ianes: 1
  • Number of exits: 6 (5+1)

Standard setup of UNI_ONE

Singulator belt L= 1500 mm, empty boxes feeding chute, full boxes support, 5+1 exits (right or left), MIC minicomputer.

Option: mini thermal printer.
UNI_ONE sorter - Msort
UNI_ONE sorter - Msort