Activities of the company MSORT

The main activity of the company MSORT is the sale of sorting lines for fruit and vegetables.

In our offer you will also find professional machines for orchard. We are a general distributor in Poland of the companies PWH INDUMA LANDMASCHINETECHNIK Germany and BVBA Belgium.
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Unitec - UNICAL_200 cherry sorter

UNICAL_200 cherry sorter

  • TECHNOLOGY: electronic sorter designed for processing delicate fruits of small size (12-40 mm) such as cherries, cherry tomatoes, olives, etc. Intelligent roller conveyor system “INTELLA- VEYOR” (spacing 38 mm) and gentle air unloading directly onto packing belts or directly into water channels. Possibility to use non-invasive systems for the assessment of the internal (QS_ON LINE©) and external (ULTRAVISION©) quality.
  • GENTLENESS: the complete protection of product’s integrity is assured by the pneumatic discharge system.
  • PROFITABILITY: cost reduction from 30 to 50%, objective qualitative parameters improvement, greater volume of worked product and use of not skilled labour.
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS: simple and functional mechanical design allows extremely low maintenance costs.

UNICAL_200 cherry sorter
UNICAL_200 cherry sorter - Msort

Technical features of the UNICAL_200 cherry

  • Size Classes: no limits.
  • Colours Classes: no limits.
  • Selection of Colour: avarage and/or percentage with possibility to combine the two methods (overcolour).
  • Accuracy: high precision of the optical grading (0,25mm).
  • Capacity: up to 108.000 fruits/hour per lane.
  • Number of lanes: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.
  • Number of exits: no limits.


  • UNICAL_200 cherry O: Optical size sorting.
  • UNICAL_200 cherry OC: Optical size and colour sorting.
  • UNICAL_200 cherry OCD: Optical size, colour and defects sorting.

UNICAL_200 cherry sorter - Msort
UNICAL_200 cherry sorter - Msort